Monday, August 5, 2013

People are Blessings

Throughout this whole journey, there have been points where people give me so much hope. Besides my family and husband who have always been there for me, people have been extremely selfless.

Today I received an email from a girl I'd met online on a Surrogacy board. She lives in the area and has been my "mentor" through this time, giving me advice and walking me through the process. She's answered countless questions, and I've been extremely grateful.

Today I told her about our transfer date. She responded with this:

"I wanted to ask if you were okay with me making a care basket for your surrogate for transfer and leave it at the clinic. Some good luck things like pineapple core, yellow and green things, etc. Just want to send lots of good luck your way for this."

This just touched my heart so deeply. I told my husband who also admits to tearing up over this. We've had people we've never met reach out to us, donate to us so we could save for this, and even do things like help me find affordable hotel rooms. Things I am so incredibly grateful for and that literally seem to be a silver lining in this whole process. Even in the darkest of times there are still so many people in the world that are so wonderful, and I need to remember that always. I'm so thankful for all of the people in my life and all of the people I'm still meeting who already mean so much to me.

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