Friday, May 31, 2013

Onward and Upward

I thought it would be fitting to change the name of my blog from "Waiting for Bee" to "Onward and Upward". Not because I'm done waiting, but because it seems that we're always overcoming our hurdles and moving on to better things. Plus, I use that phrase all time time (try searching this blog, I bet it's posted at least 3 times). 

I found this quote while searching for things online and thought it to be pretty fitting:

"A sacred burden is this life ye bear: 
Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly, 
Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly. 
Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin, 
But onward, upward, till the goal ye win."

Still no surrogacy prospects, so I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed that the perfect person comes into our lives soon!

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely love reading your blog. I'm a surrogate and have had a ton of roadblocks with my last IPs as well. Things didn't turn out so well with them. But I have new IPs and the match couldn't be more perfect. I know it the last thing you want to hear, I know it was for me at the time when I kept having roadblocks and finally it ended with my IPs breaking up with me, but sometimes things happen for a reason. Maybe there was an even better match out there for you. Or maybe there would have been health concerns with her in the future... who knows. But I hope you keep your head up and keep on keeping on :) -Amanda