Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

Ok, maybe not everything in the title exactly pertains to this post. Yes, there will be a man, we have a plan...there's a...birth canal...and, a celebratory trip to Panama?

Nevermind. Onward and upward to the plan.

March (the month we wage war against my body)

  • Provera -  To induce period
  • Progesterone Supplements - To help build my lining which will support implantation and hopefully, pregnancy
  • Clomid -100 mg. I've been taking 50mg the past two months and have gotten the greatness which is Clomid hot flashes and emotional irrationality. Can't wait to have that intensified. Can you sense my sarcasm? It's definitely there.

We're also going to have this bad boy on our side.
Apparently the CBEFM is like the Ferrari of OPK's. Fortunately we had certificates from Christmas we were able to use (these are not cheap). As much as I had been imagining spending my money on endless books, we thought a better shot at a baby made more sense. 

I'll also be going in to get more monitoring with blood work and ultrasounds. 

I found out this weekend that two girls I advised during college are now having their first and second kids. After I stopped eating the peanut butter directly from the fridge, I am starting to come to terms with the fact that yes, people around me are going to get pregnant. Yes, it will probably feel like they are doing it to me on purpose. In most cases, they are probably not. I am going to have to grow a thicker skin and deal with it. That doesn't mean I won't wince every time I find out that every fertile Myrtle on the block is knocked up, but I'm going to at least try. 

I'm also going to continue on my quest of eating better and working out (which has been going decently besides the mint ice cream and brownie shake I had after my appointment last week) and do whatever it takes to make March my bitch.

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