Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How to Fire your OB

I found my OBGYN the normal way. I looked at Yelp reviews, scoured different websites, and ultimately found my doctor by choosing her because she had a good name. And she went to University of Minnesota (I was born in Minneapolis).

She's nice, but young. Even after my first appointment with her I felt uncomfortable. Not that she herself made me feel uncomfortable, but her lack of knowledge about things did not put me at ease. She had to Google a bunch of things that I thought a doctor should have known.

Most recently, I had a Progesterone test to see if I had ovulated, since the ultrasound I had mid-cycle determined that it didn't look like I ovulated. I waited a long time to get the results, and got them from my doctor's assistant, who had no real information for me, just that the doctor said I ovulated but the number was really low (4.3). I asked what that meant and she asked another doctor who did not understand my doctor's notes.

I asked her to please have my doctor call me back to explain things. It's been over a week. One thing that she did mention was that she did not want to monitor me during Clomid. I've take 50mg every month, and this month I'm going to 100mg. I'm very uncomfortable with her just telling me to come back in a month after this cycle is over. I'm overly annoyed that she hasn't called me back yet.

I don't doubt that doctors are busy. My grandpa was an OBGYN, so I have a good idea of the hours and amount of work they have. I also have high expectations for doctors. I've had so many bad doctors who have prevented me from getting better that I truly value doctors who are invested in getting me better and take active interest in me.  Over a week is a mighty long time to have you start medication when you haven't even gotten your official test results back.

So, I think I'm going to fire my doctor. I'm hoping that the RE can recommend a great doctor out here that I can move to quickly. Then I'll have to send the awkward breakup letter. Or is that only in relationships?

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