Friday, March 4, 2011

Throwing a wrench in my plans

So I've been waiting for a call from my doctor since last Friday. Once I got the call from her assistant yesterday I had a lot of questions, most of which she couldn't answer. The biggest being why my OB suddenly decided I shouldn't be monitored at all during this round of Clomid. No bloodwork, no ultrasound, no nothing.

Honestly, there is a language barrier between me and the assistant, and maybe the situation is not as bad as I'm making it out to be, but since it's not cleared up and the massive amounts of crazy pills in my body are making me...well...crazy..I called an RE and made an appointment for next week.

I'm scared to go to a fertility doc and feel lame especially going after only trying for 6 months, but with all of my health issues and the quality of care I'm going through right now I feel like I need to advocate for myself and make sure that I'm getting the best care possible.

So next week is my first RE appointment. I feel so much better going to an expert before doing this other round of Clomid. Since you can only take Clomid so many times and I've already used it twice unsuccessfully I'd rather rule out anything else that could be getting in the way than to keep going through bust cycles.

Thank God for my husband who is putting up with my crazy side effects and lovely mood swings. He is a saint.

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