Thursday, April 21, 2011

Decision Time

I was going to add a picture of a Thanksgiving turkey and a turkey baster, but I'd hate if future Baby Bee didn't have a sense of humor and didn't appreciate my reference.

Yes, I'm going in for IUI next week. I'm prepping by taking 5 mg of Femara and giving myself a shot of Bravelle. In my stomach. Ok, Mr. Bee might end up being the one giving me the shot in the stomach. But either way, it's going down next week.

I know that IUI isn't 100%. Or 50%. Or even 30%. But I'm really praying that this is it. It's so hard to justify going through all of the emotions and hormones and financial costs without even being 30% sure something will work. But I'm putting my faith in the hands of God and the doctor and hoping for a baby. No, this isn't the most romantic approach, but in the long run, does it really matter?

OH - I forgot to mention the other good news - all of my cysts are gone! At my last ultrasound they checked and the cysts in my ovaries and the large one are all gone. Could not believe it. 

So lots of good news, lots of decisions made. And then two more weeks of waiting to see if it works. I guess that's why this blog is called "Waiting for Bee" and not "Bee is Here" or "Bee NOW". I'd be ok with having to change it though. 


  1. I just found you and wanted to say hi and good luck with this IUI! I am your newest follower and just added your link!

  2. First, YAY for no cysts!! That is amazing news!

    I will be praying SO hard for you during all this. Good luck, good vibes, lots of thoughts and prayers- anything that might help :) Hoping you have to change the name of this blog soon!! ;)