Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Now I lay me down to sleep...

I am really scared of anesthesia. Even plain-ole' run of the mill anesthesia.  Tomorrow, I'm getting Michael Jackson anesthesia. So, since my only reference for this particular anesthesia is Michael Jackson, I thought it prudent to lay out a few specific guidelines.

As such, here are my last wishes:
1. I demand a moon bounce. No one can ever be sad at a party (or funeral) that has a moon bounce. Unless they somehow manage to fall out of it.
2. I would like a snow cone machine. No one can be sad with a snow cone in their hand.
3. Sunflowers, lots of sunflowers.
4. Play the Alison Krauss version of "I'll Fly Away".
5. Play Queen's, "Another One Bites the Dust".
6. If I magically reanimate as a vampire, I want all the stuff I gave away back.
7. if I magically reanimate as a zombie, run.

Mosh pits are optional.


  1. Hahahahah, awesome. Snow cone machine was definitely a good call!

    (also, sending you luck vibes and happy thoughts)

  2. That sounds like a great funeral! lol

    Best of luck today. I know you'll do just fine. :)

  3. Love this.. Prayers for you today and sending you lots of happy dust and baby-egg vibes! :)