Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Random Thoughts

Tomorrow is my egg retrieval (ET). I'll go in tomorrow morning, and 15-20 minutes later they'll have all of my hopeful potential babies. It's weird how I've even gotten attached to these eggs. I know it must be the extra hormones, but the thought that they could eventually become the children I've thought about my whole life makes me emotional.

Mr. Bee and I were talking about what we would like to do if there are more embryos created than children we would like to have. I'd love to have 2-3 children. Honestly right now I'm hoping that I can just get pregnant with one.

There are a few choices you have with frozen embryos. Keep them frozen, donate them to science, have them destroyed, or donate them to other couples. Mr. Bee told me that he'd like to donate them to other couples who can't have their own children. I think this is incredibly selfless of him. I don't know that I'm on board with it. As much as I would love to help anyone else who is struggling with IF, I don't know that I could deal with the thought of someone else raising "our" children. Would they be taken care of? Would they want to know who we are and why we would give them away? I honestly don't know that I could deal with the thought of not having all of my children with me.

The other issue is that I have medical problems that I'm sure other people would not want passed down to their kids, so it probably isn't even an option. I am more in favor of donating to science. This is one of those things that you don't think you'll even need to have a conversation about, but somehow pops up in your life.

As I said before, I'm just hoping for one at this point and to have all of hard work pay off with a healthy child. I'm just curious what other people think about this (if anything).

As always, thank you for the nice notes and thoughts. I created this blog to document what I'm going through in case anyone else has to go through something similar, and to remember what I've been through once I get to where I'm going. So lots of love to you all! Hopefully I'll have good news to report about future Bee Babies in a few days.


  1. I think I'd be with you on the whole donating thing. I really hope everything goes smoothly and you have good news to report soon!

  2. I can't wait to hear how everything goes. That is a tough thing to decide.. part of me thinks it would be an amazing gift to donate to another couple, but at the same time I totally see what you're saying about not having all of "your" children together. I'm praying for you. Hope everything works out perfectly. Good luck!!!