Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anger Issues

I have had a lot of horrible doctors in my life. It took me a slew of bad doctors, painful treatments and no results before getting diagnosed with POTS Syndrome. After my experience with that I never take a doctor's word at face value. I just can't. 

My plan for this month was to do a second IUI. I was prescribed Femara, two shots of Bravelle and Estrace to grow my lining, with the reasoning that they would be starting my treatment earlier this month. I knew that because last month I needed four Bravelle shots that two wasn't going to cut it. So I questioned my nurse. And she assured me that it was going to be fine. 

Today I went in for my monitoring ultrasound. They only found one follicle measuring at 8. Nothing else. They gave me three more days of shots and told me to come back in on Friday. Issue is, I'm in a wedding this weekend and if I'm ready to ovulate by Friday I'm going to miss my chance at IUI. And I can't deal with the idea that all of this time, money and a chance at a baby is going to go to waste.

After leaving today, I remembered that my nurse had only prescribed me enough Estrace for one more day, which isn't going to cut it for a lining of only 5.1. So I had to call back in to ask them for more. Point being, I shouldn't have to be the one doing the remembering. I'm the patient. This is her job. There's a point where I shouldn't have to feel the pressure of trying to be the doctor and trying to figure everything out on my own. 

I'm sad and I'm pumped full of fertility drugs. Have any of you had to question your treatment? I know I'm the world's most awful patient, but when you're putting all of your faith and hope and money into a treatment, wouldn't you want the best care?


  1. Oh my goodness that is terrible. No, you should have to be the one remembering and making sure everything is right. You shouldn't have to keep up with any of that stuff yourself :( Thankfully you're aware of what is going on though and can catch their mistakes. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with crap doctors/nurses!

  2. I feel for you. I have a similar problem with my clinic. I've had to correct them on days they scheduled me for ultrasounds (they scheduled them far too late in my cycle) and I'm constantly questioning my doctor's decisions because he never explains to me WHY he's chosen the protocol he has. What's worse is that he gets visibly irritated with me when I ask questions. For now I'm stuck with him, since he's the only doctor in my small city who does IUIs. But if my next cycle is another failure, I'm going to try to get into a clinic in the next nearest city (2.5 hours away).

    I'm really sorry you're having these issues with your clinic. Is there any possibility of switching doctors?

  3. I hate dealing with doctors. Hang in there! :(