Thursday, May 5, 2011

IUI - Let's hope it's #1 and done

Yesterday I had my first (and hopefully last) IUI.

We went in at 11 to bring in Mr. Bee' guys. We found out that after the cleaning that they do to get rid of the slow ones there were 32 million! Go Mr. Bee!

I went in at 1 for the IUI. They did a quick ultrasound and saw that my lining thickened up to a 6.8 and that it had a great three-ring structure. Kind of like a circus. Or a planet. They said that many women get pregnant with a lining of even less than 6.8 and that the structure is the most important part.

The actual IUI only took about a minute. I had cramping (nothing severe) which has continued on to today. I think the worst part of it all so far is the extreme anxiety I have today (which I've experienced since taking some of the meds) and the fact that I can't take Xanax. Healthy baby > feeling like a normal human being.

I'll go in on the 19th for bloodwork to see if it worked. I'm sure I'll be testing at home before then, although the Pregnyl shot causes you to have a positive HPT and OPK. I'd be lying if I said I didn't test with both of them just to get a positive result. I need a little positivity in my life! Getting through the next two weeks is not going to be a picnic.


  1. Oh wow it is going to be so tough to wait until the 19th!! My fingers are crossed that this will work for you. Sending many many positive thoughts, prayers, baby vibes, (and anything else that could help)your way!

  2. crossing my fingers and toes!!