Thursday, November 14, 2013

[9 Weeks 6 Days] Getting Excited!

After the 9 week ultrasound and seeing our little bee moving around and hearing a beautiful heartbeat, I think I'm finally switching over from looking at this pregnancy every day with horrible anxiety to finally being so excited I want to tell everyone I run into.

I don't know if it's the fact that we've had two ultrasounds and we're going to be 10 weeks pregnant tomorrow (so close to 2nd semester!), but I'm actually loving this time. When I was dealing with IF, I had so many feelings looking at baby pins on Pinterest, or going into baby stores. When I had to buy baby shower gifts, I'd go to the store and get a gift card. Some days were better than ever, but overall, it was just painful to even let myself hope that one day I'd be the one going into the store to pick out onesies for my own baby.

I told Mr. Bee how excited I am to be able to share in this with him and do things like look at nursery decor, find baby names, and look at all sorts of adorable baby clothes.  In fact, we're going shopping for a family car (for baby plus two large dogs), and all I can think about was the last time we went car shopping and how my stomach dropped every time someone at the dealership asked if we had children. Even though car shopping is rarely fun, I'm looking forward to it just because I have a great answer for when I get that question that I once dreaded so much.

I text with A almost every day, and I always feel much better knowing that she's doing well and also able to carry on with her own life. I honestly couldn't have ever dreamed I'd find such a good friend through this process, and can't imagine going through this with anyone else.

A has her 11 week check-up with her OB on November 4, and then we'll schedule the NT Scan. I'd also like to schedule a more conclusive test like the Harmony or MaterniT21 for peace of mind, and because I have health issues of my own and want to make sure that I'm mentally prepared in case for some reason we get less than optimal news. Are any of you going to get one of the more conclusive tests?

I'm excited to fall asleep and wake up tomorrow knowing that I'm the mama to a baby the size of a prune. Happy 10 weeks!

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  1. Such great news!! You are already such a great mama to your little bean. :)