Thursday, November 14, 2013

Olive You Baby Olive!

What a difference two weeks makes! Just two weeks ago, you were a peanut. I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you, and was smitten when I saw your heart flicker. I dreamt about you almost every night. Sometimes you were a boy, sometimes you were a girl, and sometimes I forgot about you in a grocery store (I promise I'll never do that!)

This week, you're as big as an olive, and you looked like a little Kewpie doll with a big head and adorable arms and legs, all moving around. I think the one below looks like you're going for a jog. Your dad and I were so relived to see and hear your hearbeat this week, which was measuring at 186 bpm! According to old wives' tales, that means that you're going to be a girl. Both  I and our doctor think boy, and your Grandma think boy, but your dad is still hanging in for girl. We'll probably start taking gender polls soon. We really don't care as long as you're happy and healthy.

We're so excited for the next scan to see how much you've grown since we saw you last!

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